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Infolinks was the first ad network which started the concept of in text ads to overcome banner blindness and improve engagement. In this post I am presenting before you a detailed review of Infolinks from my experience. I will also be providing my earnings report and payment proof from Infolinks. So let’s start

What is Infolinks?

Infolinks is an ad network started in 2007 with the in-text advertising and later started providing many more ways to make money such as intag, infold (previously known as insearch) and inframe. I will be explaining each later. Infolinks is designed to overcome banner blindness. So, what is Banner Blindness? If you are a regular internet surfer you must be ignoring banners on websites, and this is called banner blindness. Intext ads which are contained in the text of blog or website it can’t be ignored easily. Have more questions in  your mind? Don’t worry, I have tried to cover almost everything about infolinks in this post. Keep Reading.

How it Works?

Infolinks is a contextual network which targets your content to display ads. Let’s see how it works
  1. Advertisers bid for keywords to display their ads.
  2. Infolinks scans publisher’s blog or website and displays ads for that keyword.
  3. When user clicks on ads, publishers make money.
All the four types of ads which Infolinks provide mostly are shown according to the content of site or the keyword typed by user in search engine before visiting publisher’s site.

Types of Ads

Infolinks provides four types of ads: Intext, Infold, Intag and Inframe. Let us understand them in detail.


Intext Ads
Intext Ads
“Break from convention – advertise inside the lines”. Let us take an example to understand it. Let us say you are reading a post on FIFA World Cup 2014 and you saw a links on FIFA World Cup 2014 Tickets, I am sure you will move your mouse cursor over it, a small ad will appear. These are Intext Ads. As you can see from the given example that how much engaging these ads can be.

Infold (Previously known as Insearch)

Infold Ads
Infold Ads
“Capitalize on user intent – in the right place, at the right time”. Infold only serves advertisements when users visit your site via search engines. Infold looks for the keyword visitor has typed in search engine and display advertisements based on that keyword. When visitor enters your site, after few seconds a layer ad will appear from the bottom of their computer screens. There is a close button which can be used to close the advertisement. Since Infold ads are related to visitor’s queries there is high chance that the ad will provide what user wants increasing Click Through Rate and eventually your earnings. However, it can also be frustrating for your visitors.


Intag Ads
Intag Ads
“Good-looking and smart, too – InTag is the ultimate tag cloud”. Intag scans your website/blog content and find the most valuable keywords and display the keywords in attractive tag cloud. If it does not find right keywords in your content, it shows closely related keywords relates to your content. You can customize the design and layout of Intag advertisements to match your and your site’s need.


Inframe Ads
Inframe Ads
“Broaden your advertising horizon – go beyond the frame”. Inframe advertisements are only displayed if there are unused screen margins left where ads can be shown. It also uses the site’s context to show relevant ads. It can increase your revenue but I do not recommend you to turn it ‘on’ as it can be very obtrusive for your site visitors.
To view demo ads yourself visit:

Infolinks Payment Options

Infolinks Pyment Options and Threshold are:
  • Paypal – $50
  • eCheck – $50
  • ACH (Only for U.S. Bank Accounts)- $50
  • Payoneer – $50
  • Bank Wire Transfer – $100
  • Western Union – $100
Infolinks is Net 45. This means that Infolinks will send payment within 45 days of the end of the month in which you reached the threshold.

Infolinks Payment Proof

Infolinks is a legit site to prove it I have my payment proof. Infolinks paid me $249.91 via Paypal within 30 days of the end of the month (faster than they say). Here is the screenshot of my payment:

Infolinks Payment Proof
Infolinks Payment Proof

Infolinks Earnings

After using few of the famous intext ad network I am feeling safe to conclude that infolinks gives you the highest eCPM possible. Below is my weekly Infolinks earnings screenhot:

Infolinks Weekly Earnings
Infolinks Weekly Earnings
I know many of you are thinking it’s very low but before you come to the conclusion, read out some of the reasons why it is low:
  • The blog from which money is made is Entertainment based blog considered as the lowest paying niche.
  • Major visitors were from Asian countries which are again low paying.
I have some of my buddies getting huge eCPMs on high paying niches and countries crossing $20 sometimes. If you are an adsense publisher then you may not expect it to make more money than adsense but it can considerably increase your revenues.

Infolinks Pros and Cons


  • Signing up is easy and just takes a minute.
  • Interface is simple and wesite is easy to use
  • Approval process takes a day or two.
  • Approve all sites which have sufficient content. They do not allow content that in their opinion can be deemed as negative in nature, illegal or offensive in any way.
  • Subdomain are also accepted i.e. or are also eligible for infolinks.
  • You have full control over the types of ads and quantity of ads displayed in your site.
  • You can customize infolinks ads to fit the look and feel of your site.
  • Only one time code integration is required after that you can directly customize your ads from your infolinks account.
  • Inflolinks shows ads related to visitor’s query or site’s content which results in high CTR and more money.
  • They have advertisers for more than 128 countries. So you will be making money from 99% of your visitors.
  • Their eCPM is good and ranges anywhere between $0.40 and $20.
  • They provide many payment options.
  • Minimum payout is $50 which is good compared to Adsense which has $100.
  • Their support is good.


  • Many Intext Ads can harm your site. Visitors will dislike them and they also make your site non user friendly.
  • Infold and Inframe ads can be obtrusive for your visitors.
  • Earnings can be low in certain niches and countries.
  • Earnings stats are quite basic and did not give you knowledge about number of clicks and countries from which impressions/clicks are made.

How to Make Money from Infolinks

Making money from Infolinks is easy just make an account add your site, wait for approval and add the code provided to your website and then customize your ads to match your site. I am giving some of the tips to increase your infolinks revenue.
  1. As I am saying again and again, to make most money from Infolinks, Intext and Intag ads should match the look of your website or blog. It is the most important thing to do.
  2. Use dotted links instead of double lined links for your intext ads. It can boost your earnings significantly and also dotted intext ad look better than double lined ads.
  3. Restrict number of intext ads according to your content. If your posts are generally descriptive you can use 12 intext ads but if your content is less, I recommend you to have intext ads accordingly.
  4. Place Intag ads smartly. Placing Intag ads to the most active part of your site can boost your earnings.
  5. Use high paying keyword in your posts.  If there will be high paying keywords in your post, intext ads will also be high paying, increasing your earnings considerably. However never stuff keyword for that.
A Suggestion: If you are a professional blogger you should not use inframe ads because they are quite distractive. Despite of the fact that infolinks have provided a close button to the ads they can shoot your visitors away. Infold can also be intrusive for your visitors.

What’s Next

By now you must have decided whether you want to join infolinks or not. If you have decided to join you can simply head over If you are searching for best intext ad network then your search completes here as in my opinion infolinks is the best intext ad network currently.

Join Infolinks Now – Monetize your Content
What’s your experiences with infolinks and how are you making money from it? Let’s discuss in comments.

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