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>> Click Here to Join Now << – At Lightening Speed is a comparatively new site becoming popular very, very, very fast. The result of this popularity is that I also signed up for the site and I loved its user interface. Today I am going to write out a review on – where you get paid to share your links over the internet. I will also provide you tips on ‘How to Make Money using’ Let’s begin.

What is is a link shortening website based in Europe by young internet enthusiasts which pays you money every time your shortened link is clicked.

This site is nothing different from conventional link shortening sites. says ‘Easy internet earning, Earn even without a webpage’. You can earn an additional income using easily. To know ‘How it Works’ continue to read…

How it works? works quite similar to any other ‘Shorten Links and Get Paid’ site but it has some twists. I’ll try to explain the working with an example.

  1. Let’s say you like my blog and want to share it with friends but also want to make money doing so.
  2. To make money, you used to shorten to .
  3. Now you have a shorten link and you placed it over facebook, twitter, blogs, etc. People clicked on your link but they have to see an advertisement for 5 seconds and then they can continue.

It seemed quite easy isn’t it? If you are a logical person, you will ask the following questions.

Q. From where is making money?
A. From Advertisers.

Q. Hmm.. But there is no option to become advertiser at, Then…?
A. Nice question! While they do not have advertiser’s option, they use some third party advertising companies to provide advertisers. They take a cut and they pay the link shorteners the rest of the money. Review: Legit or Scam?

There are many scam ‘Shorten Links and Get Paid’ sites, so any person will have a question, is scam or legit?

There are some of the facts that prove it to be legit.

  • They have established their website more than couple years ago (as of 2015).
  • has Alexa rank of 6124 while which is used to shorten links has Alexa rank of 489. So it is among the top 500 websites of the world which proves it popularity and trust. Note that Alexa rank is indication of a site’s popularity over internet.
  • They have ‘contact us’ where you can ask your queries and get fast response. They also have ‘about us’ page where you can get info about and its founders. Payment Proof

Input by Sebastián Fernández Moreno (Check his comment below)

Link: payment proof payment proof Review: Pros and Cons


  • Sign Up process is lightning fast. You can sign up using you email or your facebook account within seconds.
  • Best user interface and easy to use
  • Minimum payout is only $5 thorough Paypal and $20 through Payoneer.
  • Pays on time
  • Good eCPM rates
  • 20% earnings of you referrals for life
  • Number of tools for ease of use and increase earnings
  • Good Support



  • Ads are intrusive and frustrating
  • Some of the times clicking on ‘Skip Ad’ opens Pop-Up Ads
  • Payout rates are low compared to as an Alternative

If you are banned from then is the choice. However if you are not, I recommend you to continue using as it is far better than in many respects.

Check Out Review: A Legit way to Make Money Shortening Links

But yes, be it any reason for not using, is there to help you. Let’s see how:

  • As I said before payout rates of are less compared to, still it is comparable for few countries.
  • Minimum payout of both is just $5.
  • Both support Paypal and Payoneer.
  • Both are legit and pays on time, everytime.


While does not provide as much tools as it also has good tools that are quite useful. Let’s discuss them.

Quick Link

Quick Link is a tool that allows you to make any link paid link without having to login to your account. This is best tool if you have to frequently shorten links and to make money from them.

Developers API

This tool allows developers to shorten links on behalf on their account. Software and app developers can benefit from it.

Website Monetization

If you have a website or blog and you want to make money from it using then this tool is for you. This tool will generate a script that you can use to monetize your blog. You can edit the script to include, exclude or set options for Full Page Script, Entry Script and Exit Script. Let us understand them in detail:

Full Page Script

This script allows you to short all links you have on your site. You can use it in two modes: Include domains or Exclude domains. Either you can use ‘Include Domains’ to choose the domains that will earn money for you. When you use it, no other links will be shortened. Or you can use ‘Exclude Domains’ to shorten every link on you site except that you entered in the ‘Exclude Domains’ list. While this can make you money, I do not recommend you to use it in your professional site.

Entry Script

Enabling this script will show an intermediate page with an ad to your visitors. This can also increase your earnings but I never recommend it to use on your website or blog. You can control you entry scripts though following options:

  • Trigger type: You can choose to trigger (open) ad on ‘On Entry’ or ‘On Click’
  • Timeout: It allows you to show ad to your visitor at a specific time.
  • Capping Capability: Using Capping Capability you can control number of ads that will be shown to your visitors in a given time period.


Exit Script

This script is quite unique and even does not provide it. Exit Script monetizes site’s bounce rate. When a visitor comes to your site and leaves your site clicking back button an intermediate ad will be shown. What I like about this tool is that it will not show advertisement if the visitor stays in your site and visits more than one page. This script is better for you than the above scripts if you are visitor conscious. However if you are very much visitor conscious better not use this scripts as well.

Mass Shrinker

This tool allows you to shrink up to 20 URLs at a time. This is good tool if you want to shring multiple links to post. Note: only shrink URLs through ‘Mass Shrinker’ that you will actually use. If you will abuse the tool, it may be disable from your account.

Referral Banners

There you will get banners of different sizes to make referrals. When a person clicks on banner and join they will become your referral. You will enjoy 20% of their earnings for life.

Social Share Widget

This will provide you with a widget that you can add to your blog or website. Now if a user wants to share your blog post or website page clicking on the widget they will have to go through a advertisement. This is the worst tool in my opinion. Why? Because, a person wants to share you post and you are creating disturbance to him, what can be worst than this?

WordPress plugin

If you have a wordpress blog and want to monetize it, this tool can work for you. But again this is going to hurt your blog’s reputation.

Earn on Blogspot Comments

If you have a blogger (blogspot) blog, this tool can make you some money. This tool will turn all the links in your comments section to links. Payout Rates and How much can you earn from it?

As I already said, has low payout rates compared to Payout Rates range from $3.96 to $ 0.25 highest being of USA.

Now the question is ‘How much can you make from’

  • Can you make $1000+/ day? Never, only Owners may earn that much.
  • Can you make $100+/day? In rare cases, you may earn that much.
  • Can you make $10+/day? Absolutely Yes, but you have to work hard to achieve that.
  • Can you make $1+/day? This is quite easy to achieve if you work regular.

I gave the above list to present the truth of making money with ‘Shorten links and Earn Money Sites.’

It must have made most of the things clear. Making money is not easy whether it be online for offline. Important thing is that what interests you? If you love sharing links it’s going to be much of fun for you.

In my opinion, if you share few links daily soon you will be making $1/day and after that it’s simple to achieve $5 and then $10 a day.

How to Sign Up at

Now if you think suits you, it’s time to check out how you can sign up for lightning fast for FREE! You can sign up using you Email or directly login to using Facebook.

Signing up using Email

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Start Earning Now’
  3. Enter you Email on ‘Email’ and ‘Email Confirmation’ and then enter your password in ‘Password’ textbox.
  4. Accept ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’.
  5. Click on Register
  6. A Confirmation Link will be sent to your Email. Click on the link to confirm your Registration at


Log In Using Facebook

If you are in hurry of using to make money online you can directly start using it by Log In to Using Facebook

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Log In with Facebook’ option present in the top bar.
  3. A Pop will open to Log In to your Facebook account if you are already not.
  4.  Give the permission requires.

And now you can use to share you shortened links and earn money online.

Note: I recommend you to ‘Sign Up using Email’ as it is more secure and convenient than using Facebook to login which is insecure.

How to make money from

Now it’s time to check out How to make money from

  1. Shorten interesting links and share them on Forums, Blogs, and Social Media etc.
  2. Use the Monetization tools to make more money.
  3. If you have blog or website, shorten the links you have to post using and additionally you may utilize ‘Website Monetizaton’ tools to earn even much more.
  4. Be creative; invent new ways to expand your links throughout the web. I believe the the way you will invent will be unique and hence you will get more clicks on your links.
  5. Be consistent in your approach. You can choose any method or invent a new one to make money from, but the important thing is to stick to it.
  6. Refer others to to boost you earnings.

Warning: Please do not spam web with links. Post your links only there where it provides some value to visitors when they visit your link. Also never use bot or buy and exchange traffic for increasing views to your shortened links. Abuse of may result in account termination.

Bonus tip: I recommend you to share you shortened links in such places where it will be present for a long time. This will ensure that as you will share more links you earnings will gradually increase. This way a time will come when you will be making persistent earnings with

Wishing you to earn good money at


>> Click Here to Join Now << – At Lightening Speed

It’s time to hear from you. Did this review help you? Do you have any questions? Or you want to share your experience with You are always welcome to comment.

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