What is Blogging? A Real Explanation

What is Blogging? A Real Explanation
What is Blogging? A Real Explanation

This post talks about one of the simplest question ‘What is Blogging?’ We will start with the people’s view on blogging. Then we will discuss about conventional meaning of blogging followed by its real meaning. I have also shared my experience of blogging life. At the end I have tried to find the conclusion.

Blogging: What most people believe?

At the beginning, most of the bloggers have misconception that blogging is a kind of money generating machine. Without understanding the correct meaning, they rush to make a blog, publish some posts quickly and try to fill their blogs with advertisements, thinking that they will earn huge money quickly, but 99% of the time all in waste.

What is the reason they are not successful?

They are doing a thing unexplained to them. In this post I’ll try to correct the misconception. I will also try to give new bloggers a better definition of blogging, so that they can have a strong base for their blogging career.

Blogging: The conventional definition

“The term blogging is a verb which refers to the action performed by a person when he makes a post to a web blog or a blog. A blog is a journal, diary or a personal website that is kept on the internet and updated frequently by a person or group of person.”

This conventional meaning is not enough to understand blogging completely. So, next in this post I have tried to explore blogging to some more extent.

Blogging: The real meaning

Blogging, in a real sense is a way to

  • Share your thoughts, ideas and opinions to the world.
  • Help others by giving information to them in the topic you are expert.
  • Communicate with others and exchange your ideas through comments, emails, etc.
  • Share anything you want whether it is images, songs, videos, or your personal experience.
  • Make good friendship with other bloggers and your visitors.
  • Provide unique and quality content which your visitors appreciate.
  • Create something and share it.
  • Inspire someone around the globe.
  • And lot more….

Blogging is not meant for

  • Sharing any other’s copyrighted materials.
  • Doing spamming or scamming.
  • Harming any individual or community.
  • Promoting violence.
  • Promoting illegal activities.
  • Doing anything which is wrong and against law.

Blogging today with every passing minute is becoming a dirty practice due to the wrong use of it. I recommend you to do a clean and safe blogging, writing unique and quality content which provides your visitor a real value and help. Do not rush for making money. It may work for you temporarily, but if you really want to become a professional blogger, you must do blogging for helping others and providing them for what they have come to your blog.

Thousands of blogs are started daily , but only ten of them are of real quality and I know you want to become a part of the ten. So, start a blog keeping the above points in mind, so that no one can stop you becoming a professional blogger. If you already have a blog, then it’s time to start doing blogging in a new way.

My Experience

I had also the same misconception when I first heard of blogging as I have written above. I made a blog on games, in 2012, where I used to provide free download for PC games i.e. provided copyrighted materials (I confess). But as I have said, it was a temporary success for me.

I soon realized that providing copyrighted materials is against the law. After that I started to do some good quality blogging through which I can help people.

It feels great writing your own unique content, and it feels even better when someone appreciates it. So, don’t waste your time making spam blogs. Make some real blog and help some of the good bloggers out there who are trying to make blogging a good practice, and web a good place.


At the end, I hope you have understood ‘What is blogging?’ and how you should do it. Working hard, having patience and helping others really pay for long time and help you making your online reputation. Love and passion for blogging are the secrets, to become a real blogger.

Wish you a happy and successful blogging.

Do you have any other better definition of blogging or you have any questions? Do share it through your valuable comments. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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